600 Get Well Wishes

My fever continues and the thoughts waver between IVIG / Immune related and infection. Good thing I have a follow up appointment with the docs on Thursday. I’ll probably have to start taking more medicine to help my body. I’m kinda getting tired of the medicine thing, but I also “get” that I have to.

That aside…

I went to the beach. Played with frogs. Sat outside with my sister (O) and Mom. We all enjoyed the day of warmth tempered by wind (my Mom told me to say that) until the wind hurt my skin too much and I went back inside.

I’ve begun therapy. Got to go to the dollar store (next door to therapy) and got this FUN dinosaur ‘hat’. A cross of dino / croc and hat / mask… I loved it!

When I came home from that appointment, I was surprised with 600 cards from every classmate at my school! They lead a path all around my house, up my stairs and into my room, and O and B’s room. There were streamers, fun hanging balls, a pokey ball as a gift and a card.

Here’s some of the video Mom and Dad took… the rest got eaten up by the phone somehow…

Tomorrow is more therapy and an adventure with one of my past teachers / aides. I can’t wait! Mom’s also looking at old videos of me to show you. I hope she can get these to you soon so you can see how far I’ve come and how far I have to go!

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  1. mango's mum says:

    Aw, that’s terrific! You looked great playing at the beach! Sure hope that fever hits the road soon!

    • Jackson says:

      It’s gone away twice. Maybe I do have an infection? I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. BTW, we got Mango’s picture and hope to take a photo with it soon! Thank you!

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