A Fever Needs Air Conditioning

I fell out of bed last night. That was new.

The day before I woke my Mom by crawling in her bed and playing with her face – that’s the way parents like to wake, right? My fingers were on fire, which did the trick; I like being subtle like that. My fever was 102.5. She definitely woke up!

Mom got me ice chips, Tylenol, a thermometer and cool washcloth, she checked my head. No oozing. No redness. Nothing other than her recall that I’ve been cold the last couple of days and that I started sneezing yesterday. Maybe just a cold?

Super J On the iPad

Mom has brilliant theories…or so she says. This one has to do with the timing of my usual IVIG infusions. I usually get them every 4 weeks, and my immune system seems to go down every 4 weeks, which is part of the reason why she and and Dad requested I move from every 6 weeks to ever 4 weeks for infusions. Within the four week mark, I start little ‘sick’ symptoms until my infusion kicks in…this is the 4 week mark.

Her theories are mostly right on, though sometimes she gets a little wild with them. If she was writing this, she’d say she was right purely from common sense and a calendar. Me… Hey, I got in their bed again. Whatever it takes, right?!?

Anyway, they got my fever down. I was lethargic for most of the day, only leaving for chasing trains with Dad. Then, returning for my usual afternoon nap. Can you see me?

Can You See Me?

Today (with barely a fever), they forced me out by wheeling me around in my jogger. I think it’s safe to say I don’t like being outside these days. The sun is too bright. Not to mention it’s seriously HOT outside. Plus, Scooby-Doo, my trains, the iPad with YouTube, and the air conditioning are inside!

…and then there’s the matter of finding a comfy place to sleep

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