A Temperature Drop Makes My Head Hurt

I woke and in my usual morning routine, headed to Mom and Dad’s bed. I find my snuggle spot as Mom and Dad tuck me in. Mom lovingly touches my head.

OUCH! Stop it!” I say sharply.

I know it was a surprise to her. She’s been continuously touching my scars (incision lines) to try to help them relax, but also to help me to get used to the touch there, making haircuts easier, mask wearing more comfortable… you know… the important things. I know it was a surprise to her because, up until today I have been able to let her do this.

We make our way downstairs. Mom decides that she just HAS to watch the news. “Something adult-like” she says. I don’t get why she isn’t into cartoons all day every day.

She turns on a picture that shows her the weather. A 15 degree drop in temperature from what we’ve been having. I overheard (another one of) her theory as she tells it to Dad.

J showing the temperature change

It would seem one of our neighbors who also had a brain surgery (different, but it was no small brain surgery) told them that when the temperature drops a significant amount , like 20 degrees, her head hurts.

So… today, it’s 15 degrees less and my head hurts… but I did have 1 large bowl of marshmallow cereal, 3 sausage patties and 1 ½ waffles for breakfast before Mom and Dad stopped me from eating. (Laughing).

4 Responses to A Temperature Drop Makes My Head Hurt

  1. Carla Timms says:

    With breakfast like that , no wonder there is a weight gain 🙂 Hope your head feels better soon.

  2. Vicente & Suzanne LLamas says:

    Marshmallow cereal? Really? The rest of it is more our speed. We hope the sensitivity disappears soon.

    • Jackson says:

      Marshmallow cereal is what Mom and Dad call Lucky Charms. But, O, B and I prefer to call things by what they are to us… so … marshmallow cereal. OH, and “Goldfish” are fish crackers. I’ll have to think about what we call other things….

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