Either My Face Is Getting Fat or….

I kinda feel sorry for Mom and Dad. Of the many hats they wear, and the team that they have to play, they also balance watching every change I make and trying to figure out what it means – if anything. From 4 months old, they turned the watchfulness of new parents into watchfulness of those who are curious, wondering what is different in their baby versus other babies… or their thoughts of how they thought other babies… or a “normal” baby would be.

Right now, Mom (who can over think things) is noticing my face is swelling. While my fever is gone, my sensitivity to light is easing, and I sit on the fence about wind, my face is swelling. She is reminded of my days 10 days in the hospital.


But, she (they since she now has Dad noticing these things too) is weighing the fact that I’m eating everything in sight. Weird. But I am. Like, I ate a sub on day 1 of IVIG (Monday). A 6” sub. Some chips. A coke. A HUGE chocolate chip cookie, two bowls of rainbow goldfish and a package of animal crackers – for lunch. Then I told them I was still hungry. Day 2 of IVIG, I did the same thing, only it was an 8” sub. See… I’m eating everything.

So, I’m gaining weight (I have the pot belly to prove it). Which only muddies the waters of knowing what’s going on. I still don’t communicate these things well.

I answer the “headache” question saying I don’t have one… then turn around and tell them that my head hurts. I also tell them I won’t get sick. Or that I’ll get sick later. And the truth is, sometimes I say the opposite of what I’m wanting / thinking. So, for all they know, I might be saying I don’t feel sick, but I really do. Or I really might not. (Truthfully, it’s kinda fun to keep them guessing.)

It only matters because, well, brain surgery can often times lead to hydrocephalus. While my appetite grows and my energy has plateaued, they are left weighing weight gain vs something else.

My vote… I’m gaining weight. I’m making up for lost time of not eating enough food, thus stopping my growth. I’ve been 62 pounds for 2 years. I’m now 69 pounds.

Yep… eating everything! Who’s got some Apple Jacks? Vanilla wafers anyone?

2 Responses to Either My Face Is Getting Fat or….

  1. Y'vonne says:

    Love him……Weight gain is so important. Aidan is working on this as well at 9 he weights 57lbs fully clothed.

  2. Jackson says:

    I remember that weight Ms. Y’vonne. Keep working at it!

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