Epilepsy Is Not Invisible

J at Summer Party 8-2006
This is me.  This was take a few short months before my first seizure on December 1, 2006.  After my first seizure, my sister was born within days and I turned four within a month.  Life changed.

I was slowly trying to prepare Mom and Dad for what was to come.  I could feel it within me, the surge of changes… but I didn’t know what they were.  What they would look like, taste or smell like.  I’ve never been able to tell anyone what that seizure was like for me.  Nor the one Mom and Dad caught 9 months to the day later.  There probably were more in between and after… just no one knows.

The ESES was taking over in the malformation of the left side of my brain.  The surgery took the rest.

You can see it in my eyes… what I knew.  What I know.

This month is Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Mom and Dad still have purple lights they use for Halloween on outside.  I think our neighbors probably think they’ve forgotten… but it’s purposeful.  Epilepsy has hit our lives hard.  It has taken SO much… much more than anyone… any child should give.

So Mom and Dad keep up the purple lights.  So others know.  So they can continue to support me.  To remind everyone that epilepsy is not as the invisible disability everyone thinks it is.  Not invisible… because I have epilepsy… and you see me, don’t you?



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