Good + Not So Good = “Good Night Cheeseburger”

You know those days when you have really good stuff going on? This was one of those days…. even despite the changes the therapists made! So, it goes something like this:

I was ready! Ready to WORK! I do want to go home after all! I was positive, happy and motivated! I had my AFO (leg brace) on. I was dressed. I sat in the wheelchair at my door waiting for my speech therapist to come gather me to do some… speech. Nadda.

Time passed. I regroup and find myself in the same place waiting for OT/PT. Nadda.

This is frustrating! I’m exhausted. Dad puts me back in bed to rest, only to find out that my therapists (not my usual ones either) have rearranged my schedule for the day without letting anyone know! So, I could have been napping when I was up and, later we would discover, I ended up missing any time to nap and was a mess.

As I nodded off, the new speech person came to get me, Dad turned her away! Then she came again and Dad and I went. I. Had. A. Great. Session!

Then, OT/PT came, and again… A. Great. Session! I climbed three flights of stairs to get ready for stairs at home. I did all the games they wanted to play. I was happy, active, and I walked a lot. It was a great session too! After a little rest, lunch and a visit from O and B, opened some surprise gifts (THANK YOU), it was time for therapy again.

This time it didn’t go so well….

I almost fell asleep sitting up in speech. Then I got mad because no one was hearing me that I was too tired, despite (I don’t know what that means but I’ve heard Mom use that word) the black circles people said were around my eyes. Really, I’m not sure how they got there. No one put any markers on my face. Weird.

So… I threw some stuff…. Um. Did you know that when you throw stuff you have to pick it up? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but I ended up picking it all up and then decided to have fun with a game. It ended up being pretty good.

Then OT/PT came and I was a mess again. I had to walk to the Jim (but there was no one named “Jim” there, only a bunch of toys and mats). I got there and my head hurt SO bad. The lights stung my eyes. My head throbbed. The one side of my head was really big, like I had a ball on my head. I cried and held my head. The therapists let me lay down for a little bit while the nurse got me some cherry flavored stuff they call medicine to help me.

In the end though, I rallied. I stood up and showed Mom how I played this game called Ice Breaker at our morning session. It was fun. The nice therapists didn’t make me use my right hand though because I was hurting and really just wanted to go back to bed. When I was done showing Mom, she took me to bed and I feel asleep for a long time. (Especially because someone surprised me and send me this handmade weighted blanket…THANK YOU!!!!)

I kinda remember visitors, but sometimes everything feels like a dream.

I had a great night and got to relax. I even had a new nurse (again) at night. She’s really pretty but doesn’t have all the colors that Mom puts on her face. I was feeling so good, I thought I’d do what Dad taught me and use a really good sentence to make her smile. Do you want to know my sentence? Okay, but remember you can only say it to someone you think is really, really pretty. This is what happened…

Ms. B checked my arms and stuff. She was walking out the door when I was ready for bed. The lights were out and she turned and said, “Good Night Jackson.”

I smiled, rolled over, and said with my biggest smile, “Good Night Cheeseburger!

9 Responses to Good + Not So Good = “Good Night Cheeseburger”

  1. Meredith says:

    what a gorgeous smile jackson, you are doing incredible 🙂

  2. Tami says:

    Good job, Jackson! Yes, there will be good days, and not-as-good days. You are doing a great job at keeping your chin up despite (us grown-ups like that word, don’t we?) feeling icky and tired sometimes. Glad you got some sleep! Sounds like each day gets just a little bit better. Yay!

  3. Love hearing this update … Jackson’s doing so awesome … and “Hello Cheeseburger” indeed! Cheeseburgers are wonderful things, after all!

  4. Maria Edgar says:

    We are so happy to read about how you picked yourself up and worked so hard amid all the schedule and nursing changes! I bet your family is SSOOO proud of you Jackson!!!!!!

    keep working hard and getting lots of naps,
    the Edgar family

  5. Sharon, Doug and Katrina Roth says:

    Hi Jackson,

    We met you at Adam’s Camp last year. Katrina says “HI”. GREAT to hear your progress. We have been praying for you and your family and I super happy to hear how well you are doing.
    Hugs to your family too~

  6. Courtney says:

    You are so cute Jackson <3 I am so happy to see how well ur doing. Still thinking of and praying for u buddy. So is my son Liam, he is 6 with autism 🙂

  7. Valerie Lober says:

    Dear Jackson; I am so happy to hear that you are feeling and doing pretty well. You are so brave! My mother, who is your Aunt Evelyn, asked me to say hello to you. She remembers the fun times you and she had at your Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.
    Valerie Lober

  8. jerri and mango says:

    Ah Jackson, you are one gorgeous boy! I’m glad you got a bit of a nap – wowza, what an awesome blanket! We are totally diggin’ your dinosaur shirt and your cape. You are doing so good!

    Good night Cheeseburger,

    love mango and his mum

  9. Cheryl Bailey says:

    Oh Jackson!!! You look so cool sleeping under that weighted blanket! I’ll tell you now, I also make quilts for wounded soldiers and in the note with the quilt I always tell them while I sewed this, I was praying for your recover. Same with this one dude..just as many prayers when into your blanket as stitches. We are so very proud of you and how quickly you are recovering. Keep it up Jackson. Love these very positive posts.

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