Hot Pools, Sleep, Skeletons and Old Habits

A couple days ago, I finally decided I wanted to go swimming. For whatever reason, swimming hasn’t been high on my priority list since the last time. Maybe it was the energy it took, the temperature, the sun… who knows. But, at least I wanted to this time. Though, I have figured out my ideas of swimming are different than my parents.

Swimming to me means luxurious (Fancy Nancy taught O that word and she taught me). Luxurious… and fun. Fun means Dad, O, B, sometimes Mom and WARMTH. The “pool” isn’t warm – it’s cold. The ‘hot pool’ as we like to call it… that’s what you might call the hot tub… is. But the hot tub is the bath tub with hot water (the way I like it)… so it all just confuses me. So, I call it the “hot pool”.

What was I saying? Oh…

I went swimming again. I stayed for 45 minutes playing in the water. It. Was. A. Blast. That’s a photo of my on the floating bed Auntie brought.

Then I was shivering uncontrollably. I got out.

Mom got me back in later. It lasted 1 minute or less. Too. Cold.

The night before my swim adventure (Saturday night), and the night after (Sunday night), I didn’t sleep. Or, rather, I did, for a short time, then got up at 12:00 am and couldn’t quench my thirst. I stayed up for 4 hours or so and then slept in a little. I DID sleep last night though!

I’ve been starting to do the same “self-talk” at bedtime that I used to do before the surgery. The kind that told Mom and Dad that it might be a long night. I’ve started lashing out again. Hitting them (I haven’t since the surgery) and have been relentless on picking on B… though yesterday I finally tried hard to show him gentle hands.

I also have been eating less.

I know! You’re shocked. But, I have been eating less… and telling Mom and Dad my head hurts.

Who knows what’s going on!!!! We plan on changes coming often and nothing to remain solidly for a year or more.

In the meantime, look at this REALLY cool skeleton costume I had been perseverating about! Isn’t it awesome!?!?!?

The Skeleton Watches YouTube on an iPhone


6 Responses to Hot Pools, Sleep, Skeletons and Old Habits

  1. Wendy Gomez says:

    Jackson, I have so enjoyed reading about your life over these past few weeks and months. Your mommy is such a wonderful writer, I feel like I’m right there with you as I read about every moment. I am so proud of you and I hope you know that you are in my thoughts daily. Your Aunt Martha and I talk about you almost on a daily basis (since she isn’t that savvy with the “blog” or “facebook” thing… I keep her up to date. Anyway, I’m sending you love from Cali and hugs too! Give our love to B an O and Mommy and Daddy too!!

    • Wendy Gomez says:

      P.S. LOVE the costume!!

      • Jackson says:

        Thank you Wendy! I really, really miss you. I haven’t seen you in so long, but I hope I can soon. We all love you too!

        • Wendy Gomez says:

          I think about it all the time. I so wish we could just jump in the car and go whenever we want. Unfortunately, there are so many obstacles. But hopefully some day sooner than later we will all be able to come visit.

          Love to all!!!

  2. jerri and mango says:

    Ahhhh Jackson, I’m so glad you got to go swimming! I love the floaty things too! I’m sorry you’re starting to get a few kinks going on. We’re still on your team, so we’re pulling for you every day!

    Love and hugs,

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