I Got To Ride A Train!!!!!

When I heard, I could hardly believe it.

What?” I said.

They repeated.

We’re riding a train!?!?!?” I screeched…and with that, we headed off to a place called Georgetown.

I couldn’t believe it.

When we got there, I heard the train coming…

J listening for the train

I got so excited and it was so loud, I had to run away with my hands over my ears… while smiling!

J covering ears

But I got onto the train and my Dad gave me my very own ticket. The Conductor even punched holes in it like in ‘Polar Express’. 

J holding his train ticket

I loved the smell of the pine in the mountains. We passed over so many little streams and waterfalls and saw parts of trains resting on separate tracks. The whistle of the train echoed through the mountains. It was so neat to hear! 


 We took a bunch of pictures of the train, fun that we could see the front of it when we’d go around corners. We stopped at SilverPlume, I got a new toy train and then we rode back.

Seeing the Front of the TrainAnother Shot of the Front

A steam train even chased us back!

The Steamer Chased Us!

It couldn’t have been a better surprise adventure!

Thank you everyone!

3 Responses to I Got To Ride A Train!!!!!

  1. Rachel says:

    Too cool! What a great family adventure. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Ms. Liz says:

    I bet that was a great day. Loved the pictures!

  3. Marie L.Simpson says:

    What a cool looking train and the mountains and streams was a prefect place for a train ride. Im glad you had tons of fun!!

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