I’m Getting Good at Being in the Hospital

I’ve done a good job today.

The leads for the EEG went on easily since I’m getting to know all the techs here, and they all know what makes this easiest for me. It was also time for me to get my IVIG infusion, so we are doing it while I’m here. But, it did take them forever to get me going for it. When they did, I had to get two pokes; and I did great with it! It finally got finished around 10pm and now I’m ready to sleep.

Playing with Dad -EEG 10-25-12I didn’t do much but play with Dad, play on the iPad, talk to some other techs and nurses who came by to see me, and watch a movie. Oh! I did get to eat Jimmy John’s which is my favorite place to eat when I get to the hospital. I always get a slim ham and cheese (8 inches). This time though, I ate all of mine AND some of Dad’s. His had everything on it and I loved it. Mom and Dad don’t know I saw them looking each other a lot when I was eating it. I love confusing them now with what I’m willing to eat!


10-25-12 EEG

In the morning, it’s 7 or 8 am IVIG for round 2.  Usually a doctor comes around the same time and talks to Mom about what my brain did when I was sleeping. I wonder what they’ll say.

After that, I get to look at all the snow on everything on my way home!

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