It’s Time for Summer Adventures & An Annual Celebration

I’ve changed a lot. Everyone says so. I’m still me, but I’m… clearer, deeper, funnier (at least I think so), and have more interests.

May 31_2013 Jackson doing chalk 2 May 31_2013 Jackson doing chalk 1I’m willing to do things like play with chalk (at least for a little bit). Play simple-to-understand games, take turns and follow directions. I interact more with my friends, my parents and well… everyone. Chase is still my favorite game and I love to roar and put my hands up like a zombie and scare people. When I’m really, really happy, I get kiss crazy… and kiss everyone. Even people I meet in a store.

I can still get lost in everything around me, become overwhelmed and I’ve certainly taken my perseverations (getting stuck in a thought) to a whole new level. Mom says she knows this is so because I tend to like to come whisper my perseverations in her ear at 2 am. Usually it’s something like, “can I be a torch dragon?” I like to ask if I can wear or have a costume. This one is a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon – Riders of Berk.

Mom and I have been looking at all the stuff on my website. I am still so surprised that everyone comes here.  When she asked me what I would say about today, this is what I said,

Well, I just went outside and played chase. Then I watched the iPad with Lego Hero Factory. I am playing fun and then I bounced on the big trampoline. I playing happiness and then we watching Pocahontas.

That’s all.”

I am so happy these days, so much more in control of my body. I would really like to see everyone as “the new me”. Mom, Dad, Miss Melissa and Mr. Chris are planning an 1 year celebration for me. It couldn’t’ have it on my surgery date, June 29th, but the date is set, and I hope I can see you… it’s July 21st.

I’ll let you know more soon.  Plus, I hope to post more.  It’s kinda boring to tell you about going to school, but summer is FUN and I’m ready for some summer adventures!

2 Responses to It’s Time for Summer Adventures & An Annual Celebration

  1. Jerri says:

    Madly adore you Jackson. You are a wonderful, beautiful and brilliant boy, and you’re oh so cute, too!

  2. Kim Jensen says:

    Jackson, it has only been a few days, but I already miss your greetings, your stories, and your beautiful smile! Love you, buddy!

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