Kitty Love – We Got a Cat

Sometimes I’m afraid of dogs. Mostly big dogs and dogs I just don’t know. It’s not their teeth or their bark… it’s how much they jump around. They’re unpredictable. They could very easily brush me and plaster me face first on the ground. Through the years, I’ve decided that small dogs and cats are okay. At least cats that don’t scratch me.

I’ve watch O and B work their magic on Mom and Dad. B is nothing short of obsessed about cats. Cat bookmarks. Cats on TV. “I want that cat”. Cat calendars. Stuffed animals… Cats and B are like… everywhere. (He should just learn to repeat, “I want a cat” all the time like I would! He’s got SO much to learn!)

O was in between. She either wanted a cat or a puppy. We saw pretty quickly that there might be some wiggle room with a cat. Mom and Dad said they want to wait for a service dog one day for me. (Service dog… hmmm…. I’ll have to figure out that one later….) So she switched sides. She moved from either, to cat. Only a cat.

Finally. After a few shelter visits and missing a couple of cats (Kitty Boot and Mr. Jack) that were a good match for us, we dug in harder. Well, they did. I just agreed. Watching them “work” on Dad was so much fun.

Sensei WuThis is Sensei Wu. Sensei Wu is the Sensei in our favorite cartoon, NinjaGo. We figured since he was older he should have an older, wiser name. What could be a wiser name than Sensei Wu! He is 8 years old. He’s missing 2 teeth and ¼ of his tail, and was at the shelter as a “found” cat for almost 3 months. Mom says 12 days longer and things would have been different for him. BUT, we brought him home and I love him.

At night I ask if he’s going to sleep with me. I ask a lot. I want my door open so he can come in. When he does, I tell my Mom, “Ohhhh, he loves me”. He’s so nice. He’s really good too. He doesn’t scratch or bite. He hasn’t jumped on the counters or the table or done anything weird. He follow us around a lot and likes getting pet too. I’m working on petting him for longer times. I really like him so much. Sometimes I’m in such a wonder that there’s a real cat right in front of me. In our house. And he’s mine.

… did I tell you that I love him?

Us with Sensei Wu

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