Lazy… But It’s Going To Be Busy!

Lazy Sunday…

If you call waking early, being dressed and taking a walk before 9 am lazy on a Sunday. That’s how I started out my day.

Jackson's Journey
But, because it is Sunday, I only had therapy one time each.  I tried my luck at pretending to be too tired, by my speech therapist called my bluff and had me laughing too much to snore.

In OT/PT, I not only climbed something like 8 flights of stairs and back, but I got to make Mr. Potato Head look like Mr. Mashed Potato Head.

My grandma flew in to see me and I got to visit her again before she left, and also visited with some family friends. The rest of the day was lazy! I loved it and needed the extra break.

The end of the night was a walk with Mom where I kinda let her know just how upset I am that I’m not home and not playing with my friends. Just so she would understand how unhappy I am, I asked to go to school and see my teachers and my friends rather than be here. I bet that shocked her!

She said that I would be able to leave by tomorrow or Tuesday!!!

Monday or Tuesday, I get to go home and see “My O” and “My B”, and sleep in my bed, and be in my home with my family and friends and I just can’t wait!

Can you believe it!?!?!?

Jackson's Journey

Wow… My Mom and Dad have a LOT of packing to do!


4 Responses to Lazy… But It’s Going To Be Busy!

  1. Tami says:

    Sounds like you have a wonderful therapist. HOME must be a fantastic feeling. Keep your mind focused on that. You are a champion!

  2. Wendy says:

    There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME! =)

  3. Raquel aka Auntie says: sure are pretty amazing…love Mr. “mashed” Potato head!! Love you, Sweet BOY..cannot wait to see you tomorrow…and play…

  4. Brooke says:

    Way to go Jackson! I hope you get to sleep in your bed very soon! I’m sure the cute nurses at the hospital will miss you though 😉

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