More Confirmation

A few short days ago, we received reports in the mail.  We requested these reports, these notes for our records.  One was the general summary of all the doctors we met with a couple weeks ago: an epileptologist, a neuropsychologist, a rehabilitation doc and our neurosurgeon.  These are the typical reports you would receive if you requested such…. the second was their notes.  Notes or their thoughts rather that aren’t necessarily put in the polished summary of the first report.  It took us back a bit.

From that, we went on another research trek, looking for more confirmation from physicians outside of Colorado… we contacted the Director of Pediatric Neurology at Miami Children’s Hospital (a man we’ve spoken to before), and a number doctors who sit on the Board of Directors at the Hemispherectomy Foundation.  Two of those docs and the Miami doc quickly returned our emails.

Everything has been confirmed.  We are doing the best thing we can, truly, the only method of treatment for Jackson’s diagnosis.

It gives little peace to the anguish we feel.

Next up, I’ll explain the diagnosis for those of your who have been asking….

Thank you for supporting Jackson and our family

P.S.  If you haven’t noted it, Jackson’s surgery date has changed to Friday, June 29th at 2pm due to a scheduling error / conflict by our neurosurgeon’s scheduler.  

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