My Summer Adventures Start with a Hair Cut

The look of the Mohawk isn’t as important as what’ behind the Mowhawk.

6-9-13 Before my mohawkSince the surgery, and with a lot of continued help from everyone around me, I am continuing to find my voice. I recently used my voice to say something along the lines of,

“I want long hair.”

Instead of the usual super tight buzz (I think Dad was just trying to not feel so lonely with no hair), I got to grow my hair longer. I can’t grow it too long because mom and dad said that my hair ends up looking like DJ Jazzy Jeff… whoever that is. Basically, I poof. But, I got my hair longer.


6-9-13 St_AubinsThen, my brother Braddock asked for a Mohawk. He got one. Not something my parents would usually do… as least I don’t think so. I got “hawk envy”. It took some time but I finally found my voice at the end of my school year, and I started asking for my own ‘hawk.

Yesterday, I got one. That picture (above) is me right before my hair cut.

This is some of those changes I was talking about. Asking for the mohawk is a way I’ve learned to use my voice to voice my opinions… my likes, wants, dislikes etc. I never used to do this. Or I did, but it wasn’t like this, and I never really got my point across… and it was never about something like my hair.

6-9-13 Sideview of the mohawkSo what else did mom and dad do but send me to Miss Shane to get myself a mohawk. Mom says I look like a kid no one would ‘mess with’ because of my mohawk and my scar. Me, I think it’s too bad they won’t let me color it hot pink, blue and red like I asked….Oh Well!

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