Not Relaxation But a Recap of FUN… Thank You!

I’m pretty sure Mom and Dad said we were going to take it slow this week and relax. I think they forgot they said that!

The FUNraiser yesterday ROCKED! I was in a bouncy house with dinosaurs on the top almost ALL day… except when they wrestled me out to drink some water… oh, and there’s that part when Dad hoisted me up on his shoulders and ran me through the rain that the firemen made. Thanks Littleton Fire!

I also came out just for a bit to sit in the fire struck and pet a K-9 that Mr. Bob brought from Golden PD. I watched model airplanes but refused to get my face painted… because, well, I HAD to get back in the bouncy house… have I told you just how much I like bouncy houses? Sometimes I got carried away with my dino roar and dino moves though… sorry about that.

But the best part… the BEST part, was coming to the party in a helicopter! It was a purple one too! (Purple represents Epilepsy Awareness … and I happen to have epilepsy). THEN (and Daddy didn’t want to tell Mom this part beforehand), we flew in with NO doors on! It was AWESOME! We got pictures of the Broncos field, Redstone Elementary School where we landed and more!  Thank you Rotars of the Rockies and Choppers for a Cause .


Okay… maybe that wasn’t the best part. The BEST, BEST part… everyone being there. There were SO many people. I did get a little (or a lot) overwhelmed with the amount of people and activity but in the end, it was worth it. The amount of love, support, strength and well-wishes I felt will be carried with me throughout many years to come, but most importantly, through the surgery that’s coming up in just a few days.

Thank you everyone for coming!

Thank you everyone for supporting me!

Thank you everyone for donating to help me do some of these really cool things!

Thank you Ms. Melissa and Mr. Chris and your family for gifting me such an amazing day!

And, thank you all for donations that helped me get the train that I’ve been wanting for a long time from my favorite train store today! It’s an HO Scale Amtrak Passenger Train. After we got it and set it up, I played with it all afternoon… then had fun spinning Mom and Dad’s heads with all the talking I was doing about the train!

Thank you!

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