Paper Jackson

 Jackson’s Journey Around the World

This summer, take Paper Jackson with you on your adventures! Download the image, print, color it, cut it out, and you’re on your way! Whether you plan to go to the beach, mountains, camping or a theme park, take Paper Jackson with you. Upload pictures of your travels with Paper Jackson right here, and help our real Jackson virtually “travel” all over the world! Even if you aren’t planning a vacation or special outing, take him to places you love to visit in your hometown!
Know where there’s a big rock shaped like a fish? Take Paper Jackson and take a pic! Have a friend that’s a police officer, fire fighter, or truck driver? Take their pic with Paper Jackson! Let’s see how far Paper Jackson’s travels will take him. Have friends around the world? Invite them to join the fun! Paper Jackson could have gelato in Italy, try to make a guard crack a smile in England, or measure himself against Mount Rushmore right here in the US. The possibilities are endless.

Can’t wait to see where Paper Jackson travels next!
Are you ready for the fun to start?!

Download a full color paper Jackson here

Download an outline of paper Jackson (perfect for coloring!) here


(To better view the images online, make sure your image is in low resolution, less than 1MB in size!)



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