Progress in a Short Time – Video Footage

Yep! I was right! They’re making me work… and so far as I can tell, they don’t seem to care if I’m tired either. I have to be honest, it really, really stinks! If they push me when I am really tired, then there’s no chance of them believing me when I’m pretending to be tired! Even today, I tried the “I don’t feel good” complaint thinking that my OT and PT would let me go since the last time they saw me I threw up on them… but they didn’t. Humph!

So. I did a lot of walking today. A. Lot. They think I don’t know that they took my wheelchair and hid it, but I knew. Once it was there, all of a sudden it disappeared and I had to go around THE WHOLE FLOOR to find it. Seriously! Do they think I would believe wheelchairs just roll away on their own? Well… maybe MINE did. I think. Maybe. Who knows…

All I know is, I did a lot of walking.

In their sessions (all therapy sessions), they give me 3 tasks then a reward or “transition” – I’ve heard that word for years and STILL don’t get what that means. No matter what, I have to do the three tasks. I even have to open a marker (mostly) by myself and draw a line through the finished task before I go onto the next one. I wonder if they know just how HARD that is!?!?

They’re pushing me and I’m doing it, so Mom and Dad say it’s perfect.

They also say that if I continue to work hard, I can probably get home in my own bed with O and B within 7 days! THAT is motivation enough for me!

Here’s some videos my mom took of me doing stuff. She says that no one ever thought I’d be able to do these things so quickly. She says, everyone thought it would take me 2 months or more to get where I am now. Me… I think I have SO many people praying for me and supporting me and my family, that I have no other option than to be Superman!

Wobbly on Day 2 (really day 1) of therapy:

See How I Walked TODAY – Day 3 of Therapy:
(Don’t mind my tears.. I am doing great!)

Shows my Right Arm Progress:

11 Responses to Progress in a Short Time – Video Footage

  1. Valerie says:

    Jackson, I am absolutely in awe of your progress. You really are like superman. I loved watching the videos of you walking and working with your right am. Can it be true that you are just ONE week out of surgery?!? Keep up your valiant work!

  2. Tami says:

    I’m sorry they are working you so hard, but I am so thrilled that you keep amazing them with every assignment! What a wonderful goal to go home. It will happen at the perfect time.

  3. Liz S says:

    The prayers are most definitely working, as your progress is astounding, Jackson. I really appreciate the updates and feel fortunate to be able to follow your story from so far away. I am excited to read more about your speedy recovery and all the remarkable things you continue to do. God bless you, little guy!

  4. Meredith says:

    God Bless you Jackson, you’re doing so great, keep up the great work!

  5. Kimberly Mac Donagh says:

    Jackson! I litrtally cried when I saw how well you are doing! You are an amazing and an inspiring boy! We love you so much!

    Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Matt

  6. michele tragakiss says:

    Your progress is amazing Jackson! Be proud of yourself, as I’m sure your family is. You’ll be back home in no time!!

  7. John Marino says:

    God bless you Jackson. You have brought tears of love and joy to my eyes. Your amazing attitude and progress along with God’s blessings will help you overcome any obstacles ahead of you.

  8. Ms. Lisa says:

    Jackson you are doing great! I like watching the video’s and seeing all that you can do. Keep up the good work.

    Ms. Lisa

  9. Marie says:

    You most certainly are Superman!!

  10. Raquel aka Auntie says:

    Wow…can’t believe this…so awesome…cannot wait to see you…Good work Jackson good you are exhausted..7 your own bed..really! So proud you are amazing! Pulling for you….

  11. Fi aka great aunt, Jim great uncle, Linsey 1st cousin says:

    It is truly amazing that your recovery is going so well….It is alot of hard work!…you are doing such a good job!! Mom and Dad are so awesome ….you are so loved
    by so many….What a trooper! We in Portland have you in
    our thoughts and send tons of lovies.

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