Saturday Was a Tramp Day

The day started out pretty rough for me.  I was having such a hard time controlling my body.  I just didn’t feel good in my own skin.  I gave my parents a hand-full, bu, they got me into my stretchy “Blue Suit of Sensory Sanity” as Mom calls it, and helped me calm down.  After a nice lunch, it was all about the tramp.

We were surprised to go to Pump It Up.  BUT, it was out of business… that’s what Mom and Dad said when we got there.  The doors were lock and we couldn’t get in, and stuff was all messed up, but it looked bright.  I don’t understand what “out of business” means…. other than we had to get back in the car and leave.

Mom and Dad promised some fun – I was so excited.  I couldn’t wait to see what we’d do next.

We came to a place that looked like fun.  Kids were going in and Mom and Dad were excited.  It was called JumpStreet.


Trampolines everywhere.  All the way up on the wall.  Different lanes of trampolines.  Different colors.  Kids were bouncing around everywhere.  There was a pretend cow that some people were riding.  There were foam squares people were flying into.  Video games and a jump house.  I could hardly wait.

Here’s some pictures of all of us… most of them are blurry… we were bouncing everywhere!

 I’m sure you think I got enough… nope.  We went home and within an hour, we were on our own trampoline, jumping again!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m going to work on telling Daddy just how much I love him.  Mom and Dad say there’s more fun planned tomorrow…. what great surprises!

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  1. Ms. Liz says:

    It looks like everyone enjoyed jumping.

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