Shaking Out My “NEW” Personality Post Hemispherectomy

I’m waking up. Kinda. Not really. Okay, not in the going to bed at night kind of way. I’m usually sleeping all night. Just about every night… something my Mom and Dad are thankful for (me too by the way though my brother and sister might consider sleeping through) but in the shaking out my personality kind of way.

My parents begged me to come outside.I see the smiles and hear the laughter (and surprise) in Mom and Dad’s responses to me. The personality that they always knew was within me, that I was trying so hard to fight against everything to get out, is finally coming out. I mess with my Dad, am playful and light, am able to communicate, including finding funny, sarcastic and always “right on” comments for most things. “Right on” meaning, I’m actually present in our conversations… and they’re conversations. I’m also easier to re-direct… which I don’t know what that means, but I’m just telling you what I hear them saying.

While I’m welcoming putting away my trains, I’m also finding new ways to entertain myself. Besides watching Scooby-Doo in Spanish on YouTube – what… don’t believe me? Here’s a video:

So, now that you’ve watched it too… besides watching Scooby-Doo in Spanish (and My Little Pony in French), I enjoy reading books and figuring out how to talk with my Mom and Dad. They are looking forward to helping me to find new things I like. They’ve been helping me bring out my personality, and documenting all my changes while I continue to change and grow.

Jackson during OT 7-27-12

I’m working on therapy playing with good (and new to me) therapists play friends… well, with the exception of one of them, Ms. Lynn who I worked with so long ago.  This isn’t her, but this IS me at one of my “play” times.

I got my hair cut by my absolutely most favorite hair dresser, Miss Shane. She has stuck with me for over a year. I used to greet her with screams and Mom and Dad holding me down, of course providing horrified entertainment for her other patrons. Now (even before the surgery), I greet her with conversation and patience… and trust – which was tested with entrusting her with my new tender wounds. She has always greeted me with patience, acceptance and understanding. (Thank you Miss Shane).

I still don’t want to swim. At. All. I don’t like going outside but can be bribed to for short times, AND, I’m much better at running errands. When it all gets too much, I either make (a series of) noises or tell Mom, “Let’s go home Momma”.

Jackson Loves Fun Costume Things

I still love wearing things on my face, like these really cool glasses.  My naps are shorter, though I still need to hide from the light. I like showing you pictures and seeing if you can find me. I’ll keep posting these on Facebook.

AND, there’s this Paper Jackson guy… do you have a Paper Jackson?


Paper Jackson @ Coyote Ridge with O and B

Yes, things are changing.

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  1. mango's mum says:

    That’s wonderful Jackson! You are an awesome young boy, and you are going to grow into the most awesome young man. Much love,

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