Surgery Recovery: Day 1 & 2

DAY 1:

12:30pm Jackson has been awake for a while. Some talking. Using mostly his left hand. Had Two sips if water and held it down. He’s exhausted and swollen.
9am I received word from Gina this morning.  Here is what she said:
We didn’t sleep last night.  Jackson can’t take a sip of water without dry heaving.  Another problem is that when he sits up, the pressure in his brain changes and the drainage of the spinal fluid changes and puts pressure on his brain.  Poor kid!  He is using regular pain meds.  He has Zofran and Benedryl on board for nausea.
He has moved both legs and hand/arms, and has spoken so we think everything migrated to the right hemisphere which is all we could have hoped for!!!!!
Jackson asked for presents.  :)   Asked if he did a good.  Asked to watch Toy Story.
His face is swollen, head swollen, and he’s sleepy.  So generally good.


DAY 2:

AM: Jackson didn’t sleep last night – mostly because of the nurses coming and going, and things beeping, etc.  Mom and Dad are trying to get him to close his eyes this morning, but there is too much activity.  He visited with his brother and sister, Nana and Poppy, cousin and aunt yesterday.  He is extremely weak, unable to move much without feeling sick, is very swollen (head, face and eyes), and tires quickly and easily.  Doctors think he’s doing well in the terms of the ‘ability’ to move, but he still has a lot of work to do.
Status will be posted as it is received.

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    EXCELLENT! !!!!!!!

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