Swimming Is NOT A Breeze

Some time has gone by since I told you how I was doing. In so many ways I’ve been doing a lot, and in many ways, not a lot.

I’ve had a few visitors and have gone out a little bit, but, honestly, going out is just hard. I don’t much have the energy. Sometimes I don’t feel well. The wind hurts my skin, even the wind from the windows being open in the car, or the slightest evening breeze. I don’t like light, though I tend to try to allow as much in as possible before it just hurts me so much that I can’t stand any more.

These days, I stay around the house unless Mom or Dad force me out. Today they bribed me with an Icee. Usually the most I’m willing to do is sit on the front porch with an iPad. Even my favorite things I’m not doing. My favorites include chasing after trains along a main train route, swimming and going on the trampoline.

I don’t go on the trampoline because… well, because I’m not supposed to – I’m not allowed that much jarring. Though one time I wanted to sit on the trampoline and even that was too much so I don’t even ask about it anymore.

When we went to the doc last week, she said I could go swimming! And I loved it… I was SO excited. We’ve only swimming once, and I only went in for a short time before my body had a hard time keeping me warm. Then, when I got out, I couldn’t even get warm in the 97 degree sun.

I refused to go today.

So, generally, I’m spending my time hiding from light, resting or sleeping, watching cartoons (mostly Scooby-Doo), fighting a fever, and occasionally being forced outside to walk the cul-de-sac.

But Paper Jackson is making his way around….

7 Responses to Swimming Is NOT A Breeze

  1. Liz S says:

    I am so sorry this part of recovery is difficult. Remember that you have many fans that are rooting (and praying!) for you, Jackson. We are hopeful that this stage will quickly pass and you will begin to feel better and will be able to do the things you love again.

    Liz S

  2. Jackson says:

    I hope you’re right because it’s not leaving me with much I like to do. This morning I told Mom that I didn’t like my trains. I haven’t played with them since the surgery. BUT, I am into books now!

  3. Jane says:

    NO TRAINS???? awe, that was your middle name.
    are you having 3 eggs sausage toast and oatmeal for
    love you and thinking of you
    mom mom

  4. Bill K says:

    It sure is hard right now but your dad has always said what a fighter you are. So I know that you will do your best even though it isn’t very easy.

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