The End of An Era?

Well… it’s over.


After weeks of Mom and Dad trying to get me to the train room, setting up my trains and encouraging me to enjoy them as usual, then failing in their attempts… they gave up.

It was with sheer desperation that my answer be something that would lead Mom to believe that I would return to what was my every breath (pre-surgery) that this conversation happened:

Jackson. Jackson, are you sure you want me to put away your trains?”

Uh-ha”, I answered nodding my head yes.

So… this train”, she held up one of my newest most sought after engines, “Do you want to keep it?”

She held such hope in her eyes, Dad watched us, “No”, I said.


Nope!” I wondered how many times she might ask me this. Then she asked again, like I knew she would.

So, Jackson… do you want to take this BACK to the store, or do you want to KEEP it?”

See, I can many times just answer the last of what I heard. Many kids with autism and other language or developmental disorders can do that too. Our processing speed isn’t the fastest and so we tend to hang onto the last thing we heard and parrot it back as a (seemingly) good answer. Because of this, Mom and Dad have taken to asking me questions multiple times, switching the order of my choices to get a count or average of my answers to figure out what my answer really is. So… she switched her order…

Take it back” I said with absolute assuredness.

And there you have it!

I left to go swimming with Dad and O and B, and Mom took apart my tracks, reorganized and packed away my trains.

I’m pretty sure there was a tear in her eye.

4 Responses to The End of An Era?

  1. Kim says:

    I hope you find another toy or activity that you enjoy as much as you enjoyed your trains.

    I can understand how confusing it must be for Mom and Dad – if my son suddenly quit liking cartoons or Muppets or The Three Stooges, I would feel a little sad, it would be like losing a good friend.

    • Jackson says:

      I do think it has definitely been strange for them. I’m sure it was like one day I woke up and didn’t want them anymore. It’ll be fun to find other things though!

  2. Pam P-M says:

    I know when my daughter packed up her Beanie Babies it felt like the end of an era for me too! She knew each one’s name (not a big deal) and each one’s date of birth (pretty impressive!). She collected cards, was a member of the Beanie Baby Club, had special books about Beanie Babies…the whole 9 yards. So it was sorta sad to see that stage come to a close. She still has them packed away tho so they aren’t totally gone!

    • Jackson says:

      WOW! She knew when they were born! That’s pretty neat. I was just starting to get to know which train was which and correcting people when they were wrong. Maybe I’ll head back to it one day….

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