This House Is Too Busy

The fever is elusive. (Yeah me for another BIG word)! It comes and goes. We chase it, medicate it, it stays then disappears only to reappear. Maybe it is an infection?

We see the doc tomorrow (Thursday).

Keeping busy is not something I’m liking these days. I don’t like going outside. The sun is too bright. The wind sears my skin. The activity is too much for me to concentrate on. My stamina for being outside or doing activities is very limited, so I prefer being inside.

However, I have been able to start therapy. My PT has firmly decided to help me with flexibility (stretching me a whole bunch… and it’s not really comfortable). She did let me go on the treadmill after I asked:

I think the plan is for my OT and my PT to team up for a shorter visit with me until my stamina is worked up. I’ll also be working with an OT in my home for daily living items. These are things that I have not mastered and still find incredibly difficult…considerably difficult. Meaning.. putting on a shirt, my shorts, socks, brushing my teeth… and everything in reverse.

The bitter sweet… I got to spend the day with Miss A., my favorite aide from my school. We’ve been together for 2 years and I love her. She took me on the white train (light rail). I was so very, very tired but I stuck with her. It was my time with her after all. That’s the sweet part.

The bitter part is that Miss A is moving out of state. I’m not completely clear what that means, but I do know there was a lot of hugging going on and Mom and Dad, and Miss A kept telling me that she wouldn’t be at school when I went back. I guess she’ll be on vacation and then come back later? I would be devastated without her, so I hope her vacation isn’t too long. Still… I don’t know why they called it a “move”.

Tomorrow when we see the doc for a check up, Daddy has promised to ask if I can go swimming. I’d love to get into the water like that, even if it will make me super cold. Mom is reminding me though that we have to wait a couple days longer since O just got 2 stitches from falling out of bed and hitting her head on the nightstand.

I hope B isn’t next.

Never a dull moment in our house I guess!

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