This Year, Halloween is Different

Halloween is coming!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  I get to wear costumes and pretend to be other people / creatures and I love to do that all the time anyway so this time is perfect for me.

Every year I have hardest time figuring out exactly who I want to be.  Last year Mom and Nana took my dinosaur costume (that I was sure I wanted) and figured out how to add detachable wings because I started going back and forth between a dinosaur and a dragon.  And no dragon is wingless and no dinosaur has wings.  I was adamant about whichever I had decided I was on any given day I talked about it… sometimes changing multiple times in a day.  The detachable wings were perfect.

The year before that, Mom had two completely different costumes for me.  I asked for multiple different costumes, and Mom found two inexpensive enough to make it okay for me to choose the morning I got up.  Because… the year before that, I melted.  A big meltdown because Mom didn’t have the costume I knew I wanted to be that morning; not a tantrum… a full-fledged meltdown.   That day was really hard for me.

This Year, Halloween is Different

This Year, Halloween is Different | This Year I’ll be Super Man

This year, it’s finally different.  Even though I’ve talked about all the creatures I’ve wanted to be for a year, this time I settled on Spider Man.  And I’ve stayed with Spider Man.  I’ve asked about other things but am okay with being those next year.  This is the first year in all my Halloweens that I’ve chosen a single costume, and when I wake up on the morning of Halloween, I will be happy to wear that costume.

Just another one of the changes we see since my surgery.

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  1. Jerri says:

    Annnd you are the most FABULOUS Spider-Man anyone has ever seen! Wonderful choice Jackson – we LOVE it!

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