Warm Water Therapy Begins – video

I’m calling Warm Water Therapy an adventure. Why? Because I tried this before through our rec center. Mom, dad and I were not happy. So we stopped. Then the surgery happened…and well…let’s just say I wasn’t ready to follow any directions until now.

I’m going to a brand new place with Olivia and Braddock. They do different lessons and I get one of these warm water pools and a teacher all to myself. Today is my first day!

I can tell you so far that the water is SO warm (just the way I like it) which is great to relax my spastic muscles. My teacher / coach is so much fun. He has me hopping around the pool (stretching my legs), stretching out my arms (I truly dislike using my right arm/hand anymore so it’s getting really tight), and look…I’m even working on a swimming ‘stroke’.

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